BioWave Corporation 21
4.1 First Time Set Up & Quick Operating Steps
First Time Set Up
1. Thebatterymustbefullychargedupbeforetherstuse. While the device
is charging, each bar on the LED Bar Graph will appear GREEN and will grow in
brightness and then additional bars will light up as the battery charges up. Once
the device is fully charged, the LED Bar Graph will turn off.
Quick Operating Steps
1. Plug each Pain Relief Pad into the blue connectors on the leadwire cable. The
orientation of the connectors do not matter and either Pain Relief Pad can be
plugged into either connector.
2. Make sure your skin is clean. Place at least one Pain Relief Pad over the pain site
on your body. Place the second Pain Relief Pad for your particular pain condition
as shown in the appropriate photo in Section 4.4 - Pain Relief Pad Placement
Examples. Pain Relief Pads must not touch each other.
3. Plug the leadwire cable into the top right corner of the device.
4. Press the power button on the top of the device. The LED bar graph will glow
GREEN indicating remaining battery life for 3 seconds. Then all 5 LEDs will be
white indicating you have 30 minutes of treatment time remaining.
5. Start the treatment by pressing the PLUS (+) button to increase intensity so the
sensation felt is strong but still comfortable. As you press the PLUS Button the
LED Bar Graph will glow BLUE for 3 seconds after each press indicating the
4. User Instructions