BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation42
Knee Pain
Pain Relief Pad Placement Examples
Pain on the Outside of the Thigh
or Knee
Place one Pain Relief Pad directly over the
pain site on the IT (illiotibial) Band which
generally may be on the outside of the
thigh, several inches up away from the
outside of the knee.
Place the other Pain Relief Pad over a
second location of pain. If there is no
second location of pain, place the second
pad over a bony prominence (comfortable
location to receive stimulation). For this
example the bony prominence is on the
outside of the knee, below the level of the
knee cap, as shown in the photo to the
right. One inch is the minimum spacing
between Pain Relief Pads.
Body Position: Sitting with the knee bent
at 90 degrees is the best position during
the treatment.