BioWave Corporation 69
4. User Instructions
4.5 Pain Relief Pad Placement Tips
1. Select locations for Pain Relief Pads (see Section 4.4)
2. Make sure skin is clean and dry. Use soap and water to clean the skin or use a damp
locations where each Pain Relief Pad is to be placed. Do not use alcohol to clean the
skin - wet alcohol under a Pain Relief Pad may cause a burn during a treatment.
3. Remove Pain Relief Pads from plastic liner by peeling up the edge of each Pain
Relief Pad. Do not pull on the blue connector or wire to remove the Pain Relief Pad
from the plastic liner. Carefully align and place Pain Relief Pads on the skin on the pre
the pores of the skin.
Pain Relief Pads must not touch each other.
4. Save plastic liners and resealable bag for Pain Relief Pad storage following the
treatment. Pain Relief Pads may be placed back on one side of the plastic liner.
5. Pain Relief Pads are reusable but must be tacky to the touch. If not, please use a
new set of Pain Relief Pads