BioWave Corporation 73
4. User Instructions
4.8 Using the BioWaveGO Stimulator
1. Clean your skin
2. Place Pain Relief Pads over pain location(s)
3. Plug cable into unit and Pain Relief Pads
4. Press power button to turn unit on
5. Press and hold PLUS button so that tingling and pressure sensation become
strong but are still comfortable
6. Thebodyadaptsquicklytotheelectriceldintherst5minutesoftreatment.
The edge of the sensation you feel will begin to diminish within several seconds.
You should then repeatedly press the Plus (+) Button to further increase the
intensity so that you feel a very strong but comfortable tingling/pressure
sensation. Continue to repeat this process of increasing the intensity so the
sensation at and surrounding the pain site remains strong throughout the
During the course of the procedure, it is normal to slightly increase the intensity level
every few minutes as a light numbness develops around the pain site. To slightly
increase the intensity level, you should press the Plus (+) Button 1 to 5 times. If the
sensation becomes too strong, you can always press the Minus (
) Button to reduce
the intensity.