BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation74
The device will turn off automatically at the end of the 30-minute treatment which is
indicated when the WHITE bars on the LED Bar Graph are all off.
Press the Power Button to turn the stimulator off.
Remove both Pain Relief Pads, place them back onto their respective plastic liners,
return the Pain Relief Pads into and reseal the resealable bag.
Light numbness may last for up to 20 minutes following a 30 minute treatment.
Continued residual pain relief may last up to 24 hours.
4.9 Importance of Monitoring the
Activity of the Stimulator
Before turning on the stimulator and starting a treatment, it is important to make sure
the leadwire cable is properly plugged in and Pain Relief Pads are properly placed
on your body. If everything is properly connected, the LED Bar Graph will display 5
WHITE bars which ishte remaining treatment time. This means the stimulator is ready
for the treatment to be started.
indicating there is an error condition that needs to be corrected (see Section 8 -