BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation86
8.3 Muscle Twitching
The muscle is typically held in comfortable tension during the treatment without any
noticeable twitching. However, in some limited instances, for example on the elbow
or on the front of the shoulder, you may feel a small amount of muscle twitching under
the smaller round Pain Site Pain Relief Pad - this is normal. However, if the muscle
twitching is uncomfortable, you may decrease the intensity by pressing the MINUS (
8.4 Automatic Safety Function
As an added safety precaution, the BioWaveGO
System has a patented technology
that protects you from receiving too high a level of power during the treatment and
prevents you from receiving a burn by actively monitoring current density at the skin
surface and automatically controlling the intensity of the therapeutic signal in real time.
If you are connected to the BioWave app on a smartphone, a triangle with an
display. If this occurs, then pressing the PLUS (+) Button to increase the intensity will be
Simultaneously, the device will automatically lower the intensity by 2 - 3% in
approximately one quarter of a second or until a safe level is reached. Once a
safe level is reached the triangle with an exclamation mark will disappear from the
smartphone screen and the PLUS (+) Button will again become active.