BioWave Corporation 93
The BioWaveGO Neurostimulator is intended for use in the electromagnetic environment specified below. The
customer or the user of the BioWaveGO Neurostimulator should assure that it is used in such an environment.
6 V
10 V/m
3 V (RMS) 150
kHz to 80 MHz
3 V/m 80 MHz to
2.5 GHz
Conducted RF IEC
Radiated RF
IEC 61000-4-3
Immunity test IEC 60601
test level
Guidance & Manufacturer’s Declaration – Electromagnetic Immunity
environment – guidance
Portable and mobile RF communications
equipment should be used no closer to any
part of the BioWaveGO Neurostimulator,
including cables, than the recommended
separation distance calculated from the
equation applicable to the frequency of the
transmitter as provided below.
Recommended separation
d = 0.58 P
d = 0.35 P 80 MHz to 800 MHz
d = 0.7 P 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz
where P is the maximum output power rating
of the transmitter in watts (W) according to
the transmitter manufacturer and d is the
recommended separation distance
in meters (m). Field strengths from fixed
RF transmitters, as determined by an
electromagnetic site survey
should be less
than the compliance level in each frequency
Interference may occur in the
vicinity of equipment marked with the
following symbol: