BioWaveGO User’s Manual
BioWave Corporation94
• At 80 MHz and 800 MHz, the higher frequency range applies.
These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic propagation is affected by absorption and
reflection from structures, objects and people.
1. Field strengths from fixed transmitters, such as base stations for radio (cellular/cordless) telephones and
land mobile radios, amateur radio, AM and FM radio broadcast and TV broadcast cannot be predicted
theoretically with accuracy. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed RF transmitters, an
electromagnetic site survey should be considered. If the measured field strength in the location in which the
BioWaveGO Neurostimulator is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the BioWaveGO
Neurostimulator should be observed to verify normal operation. If abnormal performance is observed,
additional measures may be necessary, such as re-orienting or relocating the BioWaveGO Neurostimulator.
2. For frequency ranges above 150 kHz to 80 MHz, field strengths should be less than 10 V/m.