Spec Sheet

Video | AUTODOME 7000 HD
u High-resolution, full HD PTZ camera with
1080p25/30 (2MP) resolution and 20x zoom for
capturing fine details
u New Intelligent Tracking and alarm rules engine with
on-board Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)
u Enhanced system flexibility with dual recording
options (iSCSI, SD card) and dual power source
options (High Power over Ethernet (High PoE) / 24
u Fully configurable quad streaming with individually
configurable HD streams, based on Bosch’s new
Common Product Platform (CPP4)
u Easy and intuitive installation with multiple pre-
configured user modes that allow users to select the
camera configuration that is ideal for their
The AUTODOME 7000 HD is an easy to install, high-
speed PTZ dome camera, in a field-proven indoor/
outdoor pendant housing or indoor in-ceiling housing,
that delivers unmatched picture quality and network
performance day and night with superb high-definition
(HD) 1080p25/30 (2MP) video and 20x optical zoom.
The camera provides complete network-based control
of all dome functionality including pan/tilt/zoom
operation, presets, tours and alarms as well as web-
based configuration of all dome settings. It also
provides direct network video streaming using H.264
compression / bandwidth throttling to efficiently
manage bandwidth and storage requirements while
delivering outstanding image quality.
High-performance PTZ day/night camera
The camera has a large, effective sensor area that
contributes to very high camera sensitivity. The
camera can be configured to operate in 720p50/60
mode for capturing fast motion (for example, in traffic
or gaming scenarios). The default 1080p25/30 mode
delivers high resolution images with six times more
details than a standard definition (SD) camera.
Wide Dynamic Range
The camera features Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
technology that allows for the capture of clear images
from both bright and dark areas in the same frame.
WDR ensures that bright areas are not saturated and
that dark areas are not too dark.
Sodium vapor lamp white balance
The camera is an exceptional performer when
capturing video under a sodium vapor lamp (a street
lamp or tunnel lamp, for example). Images under these
conditions may have a yellowish tint, which may make
identification difficult. In the Sodium Vapor White
Balance mode, the camera automatically compensates
for the light from a sodium vapor lamp to restore
objects to their original color.

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