Use and Care Manual

The Machine Settings Mode lets you view the total run hours for the machine and the current versions of the main systems.
1. Hold down the PAUSE/STOP button and Down button together for 3 seconds while in the Power-Up Mode to access the Machine Settings
2. The Console displays the TOTAL HOURS for the machine.
3. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
4. TheConsoledisplayshowsthecurrentConsoleFirmwareVersion.
5. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
6. The Console display shows the current Motor Control Board Firmware Version.
7. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
8. The Console display shows the current BLE Version.
9. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
10. The Console displays the DISCONNECT BLE NO prompt.
Note: If you want to disconnect the Bluetooth
transmitter, push the Increase/Decrease buttons to select the “DISCONNECT BLE YES”
11. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
12. The Console displays the VIEW ERROR MSG NO option. This option is for Service Technicians use only.
13. PushtheRightbuttontogotothenextoption.
14. TheConsoledisplaystheRESETCONSOLENOprompt.
Note: If you want to reset the Console to factory settings, push the Increase/Decrease buttons to select the “RESET CONSOLE YES”
option, and push Enter. Turn the machine off when the Console displays the “POWER CYCLE NOW” prompt.
15. PushtheRightbuttontoexittheMachineSettingsModeandreturntothePower-UpModescreen.