Use and Care Manual

Moving Your Machine
Your machine can be rolled on the transport wheels to a new location. Lower your machine slowly into its new location without injury to your head or
Do not use the handlebars, Console Mast, or the Console to lift or move the machine. Injury to you or damage to the machine can
The machine may be moved by one or more persons depending on their physical abilities and capacities. Make sure that you and
others are all physically t and able to move the machine safely.
Place the machine on a clean, hard, level surface, free from unwanted material or other objects that may hamper your ability to
move freely. A rubber mat should be used below the machine to prevent the release of static electricity and protect your ooring.
To prevent unsupervised operation of the machine always turn the power switch to Off and disconnect the power cord from the wall
outlet and machine power input. Place the power cord in a secure location.
Leveling the Machine
The machine needs to be leveled if your workout area is uneven or if the
1. Place the machine in your workout area.
2. SafelystandonthebackoftheRailAssemblyforapproximately20
3. Step off the machine.
4. Loosenthelockingnutsandadjustthelevelersuntiltheyallcontactthe
Do not adjust the levelers to such a height that they detach or
unscrew from the machine. Injury to you or damage to the
machine can occur.
5. Adjust until the machine is level. Tighten the locking nuts.