Use and Care Manual

Read all maintenance instructions fully before you start any repair work. In some conditions, an assistant is required to do the necessary tasks.
Equipment must be regularly examined for damage and repairs. The owner is responsible to make sure that regular maintenance is
done. Worn or damaged components must be repaired or replaced immediately. Only manufacturer supplied components can be
used to maintain and repair the equipment.
If at any time the Warning labels become loose, unreadable or dislodged, contact Nautilus Customer Service for re-placement
To reduce the risk of electrical shock or unsupervised usage of the equipment, always unplug the power cord from
the wall outlet and/or the machine and wait 5 minutes before cleaning, maintaining or repairing the machine. Place the power cord in a
secure location.
Daily: Beforeeachuse,examinetheexercisemachineforloose,broken,damaged,orwornparts.Donotuseiffoundinthiscondition.
Console free of moisture.
Weekly: Check for smooth roller operation. Wipe the machine to remove dust, dirt, or grime. Clean the rails and surface of the rollers with a
damp cloth.
Apply silicone lubricant to a dry cloth and wipe the rails to eliminate roller noise.
Silicone lubricant is not intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a safe place.
Note: Do not use petroleum based products.
Monthly or after 20 hours: Make sure all bolts and screws are tight. Tighten if necessary.
NOTICE: If necessary, only use a mild dish soap with a soft cloth to clean the Console. Do not clean with a petroleum based solvent,
automotive cleaner, or any product that contains ammonia. Do not clean the Console in direct sunlight or at high temperatures
Be sure to keep the Console free of moisture.
Replace Batteries in Chest Strap
Do not perform this procedure outdoors or in moist or wet
1. Using a coin, loosen the slotted cover on the battery bay. Remove the
cover and battery.
2. When replacing the battery, insert it in the battery bay with the +
symbol facing up.
Note: The chest strap uses CR2032 size batteries.
3. Reinstall the cover on the strap.
4. Discardtheoldbattery.Disposeofinaccordancewithlocal
regulations and/or at approved recycling centers.
5. Inspect your chest strap to ensure function.
Do not use until the equipment has been fully assembled and inspected for correct performance in accordance with the Owner’s