User Manual

Stand Weight: approx. 29.8 lbs / 13.5 kg
The safety and performance of this product can be maintained only if it is examined regularly for damage and wear.
Examine the equipment before each use for damage and wear. Replace broken components immediately or put the equipment out of use
until repaired.
Daily/Before Each Use: Examine equipment. Make sure it looks in good condition and operates smoothly. If you nd damage, DO NOT USE. Contact
Customer Service for servicing.
Daily/After Each Use: Clean equipment with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use cleansers containing enzymes.
Weekly: Clean equipment fully with a clean cloth and ammonia-based cleaner. Touch up any scratches with touch-up paint to prevent rust, if necessary.
Monthly: Examine the frame for signs of cracking or permanent bending. Do not use the equipment if you see these signs. Contact Customer Service
If you have any questions on the correct use or maintenance of this equipment, contact Customer Service at 1 (800) 605-3369. Only Nautilus-trained or
Nautilus-authorized personnel should make extensions, readjustments, modifications, or repairs.
(63.4 cm)
(66.9 cm)
(321.1 cm)
(317.5 cm)
(68.2 cm)
( for use with the Bowex
552, 560 or 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells )
Important Safety Instructions - Before using this equipment, obey the following warnings:
This icon means a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Read and understand all
Warnings on this equipment.
• Children must not be let on or near to this equipment. Moving parts and other features of the equipment can be dangerous to children. • Not intended for use by
anyone under 14 years of age. • Not intended for use by persons with medical conditions where those conditions may impact the safe operation of the equipment
or pose a risk of injury to the user. • Consult a physician before starting an exercise program. Stop exercising if you feel pain or tightness in your chest, become
short of breath, or feel faint. Contact your doctor before using the equipment again. • Examine this equipment for loose parts or signs of wear. Tighten or replace
any worn or loose components before use. Examine all fasteners carefully. Contact Customer Service for repair information. • This equipment is for home use
only. • Set up and operate stand on a hard, level surface. • Keep at least 50” (1.3 m) clear on each side of the stand. This is the recommended safe distance for
access and passage around the stand.
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User’s Guide
Serial Number label
• Read and understand the complete
user guide. Keep manual for future
• Read and understand all warnings on
this device. If at any time the warning
stickers become loose, unreadable or
dislodged, contact Nautilus Customer
Service for replacement stickers.
• Children must not be allowed on or
near to this device.
• This device is for home use only.
• Set up and operate this device on a
solid, level, horizontal surface.
• Make sure that you give users
enough free space around the device
for safe operation. (See product speci-
cations for free space dimensions).
• Keep third parties out of this area
when the device is in use.
• Do not stand, sit or climb on this
Consult a physician prior to using any
exercise equipment.
Product Specication label

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