Use and Care Manual

Care Instructions for you and your customers!
Hang your flag or windsock away from any rough surfaces. Do not fly any flags or windsocks
against a house, tree, bush, branches etc. it could breakdown the fabric’s fibers resulting in a
tear or fraying. Inspect your flag regularly for signs of wear to avoid any small tear as that can
result in a tattered flag.
Sun and harsh weather conditions can have a negative effect on any material. To keep your flag
or windsock colors looking bright, try to minimize prolonged exposure whenever possible. Place
your products in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of sun. Take all flags and windsocks down in
storms or high winds.
A clean flag and windsock will last longer. Pollutants in the air will get into the fabric and cause it
to degrade. To clean, wash it in a mild detergent, rinse and hang to allow the flag to dry. Never
fold or store your flag or windsock when it’s wet. Let it hang dry completely before putting it
away. *Flags are not Machine washable. Try to clean your flag regularly to expand the flags life.
Regardless of how well it is constructed a flag is made of cloth and sooner or later will succumb
to the elements. However it is well documented that reasonably good care can contribute
greatly to a longer life. Consider having two flags and rotating them on a regular basis, buying
two flags will enable you to alternate your flags for timely cleaning and repair.

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