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modules into the MMAC-M8FNB, how to attach cable segments to the
modules, and how to test those segments after they have been
installed. Specifications for all modules are included in each manual.
Additional manuals have been developed on how to use Cabletron
Systems’ Network Management software packages; these manuals
include information about how to remotely manage the
MMAC-M8FNB and the M8PSM-E and M8PSM-EDC power supply
Each manual in this set assumes that you have a general working
knowledge of Ethernet or IEEE 802.3, 802.5, and FDDI type data
communications networks and their physical layer components.
If you need additional support related to the MMAC-M8FNB, or if you
have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to this manual,
contact Cabletron Systems Technical Support. Before calling, please
have the following information ready:
The product type (MMAC-M8FNB), and the product serial
number. The serial number is located on the front panel of the
MMAC, and the product type is on the fan tray label. Also, be
sure to note which power supply module or modules you have
installed: the M8PSM, the M8PSM-E, and/or the
You can contact Cabletron Systems’ Technical Support Department by
any of the following methods:
By phone: Monday through Friday between
8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Eastern
Standard Time at (603) 332-9400.
By Mail: Cabletron Systems, Inc.
PO Box 5005
Rochester, NH 03866-5005
By CompuServe
: GO CTRON from any ! prompt