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A variety of IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, and FDDI compliant media can
be connected to the MMAC-M8FNB, including shielded and
unshielded twisted pair, fiber optic cable, thick or thin coaxial cable,
and standard AUI transceiver cable. Each media type has a MIM
which, when installed into the MMAC-M8FNB, is compatible with all
other MIMs installed in that unit. The MMAC-M8FNB provides
complete network integration of a variety of media through a single
The MMAC-M8FNB is designed so that network expansions or
changes in media types can be done without bringing down the entire
network — in a matter of minutes, you can add, change, or replace
MIMs without turning off the MMAC-M8FNB or using any special
tools. This design also allows the MMAC-M8FNB to continue to adapt
to ever-changing industry standards.
Three Power Supply Modules to Choose From
The MMAC-M8FNB chassis supports three different power supply
modules: the original M8PSM, the M8PSM-E enhanced model, and
the new M8PSM-EDC, an enhanced model that accepts DC power
input. In addition to all of the features of the M8PSM, the M8PSM-E
and -EDC enhancements include higher power output (450 watts — a
50% increase over the standard 300 watts), internal cooling (two fans
are located within the module itself), power factor correction
(M8PSM-E only), and remote management.
Auto-Ranging Power Supply
The M8PSM and M8PSM-E sense and automatically adjust to the
input voltage and frequency. No additional adjustments are necessary.
Built-in Power Supply Protection
The M8PSM, M8PSM-E, and M8PSM-EDC power supply modules
automatically power down under any of the following conditions:
thermal overload (thermal protection); shorted output (over current or