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short circuit protection); or excess output voltage (over voltage
protection). The power supply will automatically recover when a
thermal overload condition is corrected; when an over current or over
voltage condition is corrected, the power supply requires power cycling
(turn power switch off, then on again) to recover. A FAULT LED on the
power supply modules indicates when an over current condition has
Power Factor Correction
The M8PSM-E meets the EN60555-2 limits for power factor
correction, which may be required by utility companies in the near
The power factor correction feature provides a number of advantages.
By improving this factor to meet the EN60555-2 limits, line noise and
peak current levels are dramatically reduced and the amount of power
available to the user is increased. Power factor correction also reduces
stress on fuses, circuit breakers, wall sockets, wiring, and
Power OK Signal
On the M8PSM, the same signal that illuminates the Power OK LED
on the power supply module will also alert the management module
that the power supply is functioning normally. The M8PSM-E and
-EDC have both red and green power LEDs; power supply status as
indicated by the LEDs will also be sent to the management module.
Redundant Power with Load Sharing
Depending on the power requirements of the installed MIMs, the
MMAC-M8FNB can operate with either one or two power supply
modules. If two power supplies are installed, they share the power
load requirements of the installed MIMs; if one power supply fails, the
second automatically assumes the entire load if it is able. This ensures
that your network will remain operational until a replacement power
supply module can be installed.