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Remote Management
The remote management capability built in to the M8PSM-E and
-EDC allows the network manager to determine whether or not an
installed power supply is an E-series model and whether or not power
supply redundancy is available; the M8PSM-Es and -EDCs can also be
remotely disabled if an emergency shutdown is required.
Power supply redundancy is available when two power supplies are
installed in your hub and when neither one is supplying more than
50% of its available power; this applies even when one M8PSM and
one M8PSM-E are combined in the same hub. (You cannot mix AC
[M8PSM or M8PSM-E] and DC [M8PSM-EDC] power supplies in the
same hub.)
In a system in which two power supplies are installed
and each is using more than 50% power, LED segme
5-9 will illuminate yellow, warning of the loss of
For access to remote management features, your
MMAC-M8FNB must have the correct backplane
version (chassis revisions EL and above) and you m
have a Cabletron management module which suppo
the M8PSM-E and -EDC. Note also that, although t
redundancy feature will function as described above
the redundancy LEDs will not illuminate unless you
have two E-series power supplies installed and your
hub has the correct backplane. Contact Cabletron
Systems Technical Support for more information.