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Removable Fan Tray
The MMAC-M8FNB is equipped with a removable fan tray, which
means that you can replace a failed fan unit quickly, without any
special tools. The fan tray incorporates an LED that indicates fan
status; the same signal that illuminates the LED also alerts the
management module that the fans are operating properly.
Flexible Network Bus
The MMAC-M8FNB’s Flexible Network Bus allows the installed
power supplies to load share; it also allows Token Ring or FDDI
modules to communicate with one another, and to co-exist with
Ethernet modules in the same hub. Cabletron Systems offers a full
line of media interface modules that let you create new networks and
extend and connect existing networks.
Rack Mountable Chassis
The MMAC-M8FNB chassis can be mounted into a standard 19"
(48.26 cm) equipment rack. For safety and ease of network
connections, separate rack mount brackets are included that allow the
unit to be either flush mounted or recessed 3" from the front plane of
the rack mount unit.
Security Bars
A pair of security bars which fit over the knurled knobs that secure
the MIMs to the chassis protect the hub from unauthorized removal or
insertion of modules.
The fan tray is hot-swappable; however, the MMAC
chassis should not be run for extended periods of tim
without the fans installed, as it will quickly overhea