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cooling within the rack, there must be 7.6 cm (3 in.) of
clearance above the unit and 5 cm (2 in.) of clearance on
either side of the unit.
For the M8PSM and M8PSM-E power supplies, a USA
standard 3 prong power receptacle must be located within
2.13 meters (7 feet) of the site. Each M8PSM-EDC power
supply requires a positive or negative DC power source at 36-72
volts which is capable of supplying 17 amps.
The temperature of the location must be maintained between
and 40
C (41
to 104
F). Temperature changes of greater
than 10
C (18
F) per hour must not occur.
The MMAC-M8FNB has eight slots that accept media interface
modules. The slots are numbered from right to left; slot #1 is a
half-width slot that is reserved for a management module. Cabletron
Systems management modules are equipped with a firmware-based
management tool called Local Management, which lets you control the
MMAC MIMs. Management modules are also SNMP compliant, which
means that an MMAC equipped with a management module can be
managed remotely by SNMP management software (such as any one
of Cabletron Systems’ SPECTRUM
for Open Systems suite of
management products.) The M8PSM-E and -EDC power supply
modules can also be managed remotely using appropriate
management software.
You can combine Token Ring, Ethernet, and FDDI MIMs in the same
MMAC; be sure to consult the appropriate management module and
MIM installation guides for detailed setup information.