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Fog fluid
Guidelines for use:
Fog fluid for professional use for producing short-term artificial fog and show effects for the events industry
and theater and movie productions. This product is a non-hazardous preparation in accordance with EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) and
EC Directives EG 1272/2008.
It is also non-hazardous within the meaning of national and international regulations on land, sea and air transport.
The raw materials contained in the product are of the highest possible levels of purity. The water used has been double distilled (AQUA
BIDEST) and is chemically and microbiologically pure. This prevents contamination of the vaporizers and prolongs the service life of the
implements used. The containers are made of premium-grade single-variety PE and are suitable for recycling once completely empty. The
product must be used properly and in its as-delivered condition. German Directives on Places of Public Assembly (VStättV) and other relevant
legislation must be complied with. Taking the length of visibility and desired effect into account, the concentration of fog fluid in the air should
be measured at between 25 and 80mg/m3 max.
The fog density must be measured to ensure that exits and emergency exits in enclosed spaces are visible at all times. The same applies to
illuminated signs for emergency exit routes, the markings for emergency exit routes, staircases, stairwells, drops, etc.
Visibility of 25m must be maintained (max. distance to nearest exit as per Places of Public Assembly Directive VStätt). Furthermore, fog
density must be measured so as not to impair the comfort of the occupants of the room with regard to the fog content in the air. In the
interests of preventing states of anxiety, fog effects must never be used in enclosed spaces. In accordance with VStättV, technical equipment
may only be operated and maintained by experienced, reliable adults. All rooms where the fog is used must be under the supervision of
trained personnel.
On no account should the fluid be drunk, ingested or applied externally.
Keep out of the reach of children and store in a secure place.
If the liquid comes into contact with skin/eyes it should be rinsed off/out with large amounts of water.

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