Operating instructions

C8 Rotavator
Page 10 C8/0914
Maintenance Guide
For engine maintenance please refer to engine manufacturers manual.
After every hour of operation stop the engine and remove the spark plug cap. Check engine oil level
(recommended oil SAE 10w/40). Before checking the oil level ensure the machine is level.
Remove all foreign matter from the digging knives assembly e.g. wire, string, grass etc.
After every 100 hours of use, or once a year (whichever is sooner), check that the oil level in the
rotavator transmission is within 50mm (2”) of the hole.
To perform this operation, remove the bolts that attach the
support rod to the rotavator transmission and the depth
handle to the central knife. Raise the rotavator hood, remove
the plug and check the oil level, making sure the machine
is level. If necessary top up with SAE 80w/90 EP gear oil.
Reassemble the unit by performing the operations in reverse.
Remove the gearbox unit dipstick and ensure the oil reaches the top level mark, if necessary top up
Replace the spark plug cap.
Do not turn the machine on its side for cleaning.