Operating instructions

C8 Rotavator
C8/0914 Page 15
Risk Assessment
General The machine should only be used by trained
Machine tipping over Low Do not use on slopes over 25
Machine jumping High Ensure the centre knife is in good condition and
adjusted to suit the ground conditions. Use the
depth adjuster located on top of the rotavator to
adjust the centre knife.
NEVER apply excessive downwards pressure on
the handlebars.
Machine running away Low Red OPC lever disengages the drive to the
implement if the operator releases the handlebars.
Always check operation before use.
Lacerations Medium Remove the spark plug cap before carrying out
any maintenance or cleaning. Always wear gloves
when cleaning the tines or removing debris.
Machine reversing and
jamming operator against
immovable object
High Never reverse the machine with your back to a
wall or similar object.
Burns High Be very careful or a hot exhaust. Turn off the
machine before refuelling. Allow 1” air space in
the fuel tank.
Flying objects Low Ensurethebackapmoveseasilyandfollowsthe
contour of the ground to prevent small stones
being thrown back. Always wear suitable safety
Handlebar adjustment Low Always set the height and sideways position
Foot injuries Medium The machine has a safety device to prevent the
reverse speed and tine drive being engaged
simultaneously. Ensure all safety devices are in
place before using the machine. Always wear
suitable safety footwear.