Operating instructions

C8 Rotavator
C8/0914 Page 3
ALWAYS start the engine in the open air
DO NOT smoke when refuelling
DO NOT mix OIL with the fuel
ALWAYS stop the engine before making any adjustments, refuelling, moving or
cleaning, or when the unit is unattended
USE ONLY fuel from containers designed for this purpose - refuel outdoors only and
replace the tank cap securely
IN CASE of petrol spillage move the machine away from the area of spillage and allow
the petrol vapours to dissipate before starting the engine
DO NOT remove any safety guards that are î‚¿tted
DO NOT touch any moving parts or attempt any maintenance whilst the machine is
BEFORE starting work clear the work area of any objects that could damage the
DO NOT allow children or anyone uninstructed to operate the machine - KEEP
DO NOT use on slopes or banks of more than 20
ALWAYS wear suitable clothing to give personal protection including footwear that
offers a good grip
AVOID wearing loose garments that may catch in moving parts
KNOW how to stop the machine in an emergency
NEVER interfere with any control settings on the engine
NEVER select reverse gear with your back to a wall or other immovable object
IF A FAULT develops DO NOT attempt any repair - immediately contact the supplier
from whom the machine was obtained
VISUALLY INSPECT the machine before use - ensure all tines, nuts and bolts are tight
and not worn or damaged and replace tines if necessary
KEEP IN MIND the operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to people
or property