Operating instructions

C8 Rotavator
C8/0914 Page 7
Operating Hints
CLEAR THE WORK AREA. Long grass must be cleared and all debris removed.
LET THE MACHINE DO THE WORK. Excessive downward pressure on the handlebars may
according to the type of ground.
If the ground is hard, position the depth adjuster centre knife on the top hole and make several
passes until the desired depth is achieved.
If the wheel speed or PTO lever does not engage immediately, release clutch lever slightly and ‘feel
in’withtheengineontick-over.DO NOT FORCE THE OPERATING LEVERS.
Always pull in the clutch lever before engaging gear, digging unit or changing forward/reverse.
The clutch lever must be fully released when working. DO NOT operate the machine with the clutch
lever partially engaged as serious damage may occur.
If the ground is hard then using a lower working speed will produce the best performance. If the
soil is loose or sandy a higher working speed is best.
DO NOT WORK ON SLOPES MORE THAN 20°. If working on a slope, work across the slope
pointing the machine slightly uphill.
(i) Frozen or waterlogged ground as this will destroy the soil structure resulting in poor future
(ii) Ground that is covered with thick foliage or high grass. Remove it by cutting down.
Digging depth changes are made through use of the
central knife.
For shallow digging, set the lever all the way in.
To increase digging depth, raise the control lever.
Whilst rotavating, the handlebars can be offset to avoid
walking on the cultivated soil, and adjusted in height
for the comfort and safety of the operator.