Installation guide

Installation Instructions
Direct Expansion Fan Coil Units
For Puron® Refrigerant
Fig. 1--Model FX4B
NOTE: Read the entire thstraction malmM before star_thg the thstallation.
_is symhol ,_ indicates a change sirice the last issue.
Improper installer thn, adj ustmeitt, _dtcl ation, service, maintenance, or use can cause explosion, fire, electrical shock, or othel conditions which may
cause personal injury or property damage¸ Consul_ a qLlalified installer, service agency, or yoLlr distributor or branch for in fonnatthn or assis_nce
_e qtl_lified installer or agency must Llse factory-atlthorized ki_ or _ccessories witch modifying this pl_dLIc t Refer 1o the individual instructions
packaged with kits or accessories witch instaIlthg
Follow all safety codes¸ Wear safety glasses and work gloves¸ Use quenching cloth for brazing opel-at ions Have fire extinguisher available¸ Read
these instructions thoroughly aod follow all warnings or cautions attached 1o the unit. Consult local building codes and National Electrical Code
(NEC) for special requirements
Recognize safety information This is the safoty-aler_ synthol _ When you see this symbol on the unit _od in instructions manuals, be alert 1o
the polential for personal iniury
Form: IM-FX4B-02 Cancels: IM-FX4B-01 Printed in U.SA 6-03 Catalog No. 63FX481

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