Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station Hardware Installation Guide
Installing the AVS 3180
This chapter explains how to install the AVS 3180 in an equipment rack or on a table or workbench. This
chapter also provides instructions for connecting cables, AC power, and for booting the AVS 3180.
Read the installation instructions before connecting the system to the power source.
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This chapter contains the following major sections:
Unpacking and Inspecting the AVS 3180
Installing Your AVS 3180
Connecting Cables
Connecting AC Power
Booting the AVS 3180
Establishing a Serial Console Connection
Configuring Network Settings
Setting the Time
Checking the Front Panel LEDs
Removing or Replacing an AVS 3180
Before you begin the installation, be sure you have read these sections:
Chapter 2, “Preparing for Installation”
Appendix B, “Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco AVS 3180 Management
Also, you may want to familiarize yourself with the AVS software by reading the following related
documents, which you can obtain from
Release Note for the Cisco Application Velocity System
Cisco Application Velocity System User Guide

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