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“More Innovations for Stitching
Roxette™ Thimble
by Roxanne™
Roxette™ Thimble
Measuring Instructions
To nd your Roxette thimble size, you need to measure the circumference of your nger.
1. Wrap a narrow 1/8” strip of adhesive tape or paper around your nger at midpoint
between your rst knuckle and your nail.
2. Place a mark where the end rests against the wrapped strip.
3. Remove the tape or paper strip from your nger and measure its length from the end
of the strip to the marked point.
4. Select the corresponding size. If your measurement is between two sizes, select the
smaller size.
APR 2014
Thimble Size Metric Inches
XS 38 mm 1 8/16”
S 41 mm 1 10/16”
M 42 mm 1 11/16”
L 44 mm 1 12/16”
XL 47 mm 1 13/16”
Colonial Needle products are 100% guaranteed. If you nd the thimble you
ordered does not seem to t properly, it may be returned. However, please
contact us before returning the thimble. The Roxette thimble (as does the
Roxanne thimble) has a very unique t. By speaking with you about how the
thimble feels, we may be able to help you nd a better tting size. Finally, if you
nd a more precise t is needed, you may wish to try a Roxanne thimble which
comes in many more sizes.

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