- Columbian Home Products, LLC Stainless Steel Bath Chairs Specification Sheet

INSE-85-20 1-3
Solutions for Daily Living
Contour Ultima™
Stainless Steel Bath Chairs
Models #8520, 8620, 8720, 8920
Thank you for Choosing Columbia!
Your Columbia Contour Ultima Stainless Steel Bath Chair has been built to the highest standards of quality to
ensure years of superior service. Please take the time to read these assembly instructions and pay particular
attention to the safety information provided. Thank you again for choosing Columbia!
Important Safety Instructions
When using your bath chair, always take basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury to persons.
1. Read and understand all instructions.
2. Determine, with a physician or therapist, the suitability of this product for the intended user.
3. To reduce the risk of injury or drowning, never leave the user unsupervised or unattended.
4. Check regularly that all tubing, bolts, buckles and other parts are tight at all times.
5. When in use, buckle up the user at all times.
Save These Instructions
Assembly of Your Contour Ultima Reclining Bath Chair
Your Contour Ultima comes fully assembled. After removing the chair from chair packaging, do not cut plastic
ties around adjustment bars. (The plastic ties help keep the adjustment lever bars in position.) The Ultima’s
frame is constructed from surgical grade stainless steel and the ComfortMesh™ cover is made with the highest
quality material. Non-slip pads protect the chair from slipping and from scratching the base of the bath. When
not in use, the chair can be folded flat for storage.
Assembling the Back Support (8720 & 8920 only)
1. Pull on the pull-tab and change the pivot angle to point straight up.
2. Remove bolts and nuts from post with an Allen Wrench and insert the U-shaped stainless steel back
support into the post and fasten with the bolts and nuts.
3. Insert end of Pull Handle into the small holes on the pull-tab for both sides. Press Stainless Steel Caps
over the Pull Handle's small end that will now be protruding from the pull-tab.
4. Pull the Pull Handles until Back Support and Calf Support are pointing straight up.
5. Slip the Bath Chair Cover over the Back Support, making sure the Pull handles are under the cover.
6. Place chair in are horizontal position, then turn chair upside down and fasten Velcro strap.
Setting the Angle of the Contour Ultima Bath Chair
The Contour Ultima is easy to adjust using the four simple adjustment lever bars, located on the front leg,
back leg, under the cover of the Chair’s back and under the cover of the Chair’s calf support. The legs, calf
support and back angles each adjust independently.

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