Personal Protective Equipment:
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Site Preparation:
Safety glasses with side shields are recommended to keep dust out of the eyes. Use ear protection
(earplugs, hood, or earmuffs) to prevent airborne dust or fibers from entering the ear, if necessary.
Leather or cotton gloves should be worn to protect against mechanical abrasion. Optional: wear a
NIOSH-certified disposable or reusable particulate respirator with efficiency rating of N95 or higher
(per 42 CFR 84) except required when dust or fiber concentrations exceed the applicable exposure
limits of dust 15 mg/m
. Wear a cap, a loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt and long pants to protect skin
from irritation. Exposed skin areas should be washed with soap and water after handling or working
with fiber glass.
Other trades, including but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical should have already
installed their required materials prior to the fiber glass being installed. Proper air sealing should
be complete prior to fiber glass batt installation to insure full performance of the fiber glass batts.
Verify all holes and seams between sheet goods such as drywall, sheathing, and subflooring at the
building envelope are sealed with durable caulk, tape, and/or foam sealants.
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Johns Manville fiber glass batt and roll insulation is easy to install and does not require a certified
installer. Wherever insulation is installed in a building, it is very important that it fits snugly on all
sides. If the insulation is too long for a space, cut it to the correct size. If it is too short, cut a piece
to fill the void. For unfaced batts, friction fit it into the cavities. If using faced batts, they may in
friction fit or the flanges may be stapled to the wood studs. Use a Bostitch, Arrow or similar manual
staple gun and
" or
" staples, using enough staples to hold the insulation firmly in place and
avoid gaps and fishmouths.

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