User manual

Conceptronic CM3PVR
User Manual
Congratulations on the purchase of your
Conceptronic Media Recorder & Player.
This User Manual gives you a step-by-step explanation how to install and use the Conceptronic
Media Recorder & Player.
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and click ‘Support’. Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions Database.
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Package Contents
The following items should be present in the package of the Conceptronic Media Recorder &
Conceptronic CM3PVR Media Recorder & Player (described as ‘unit’ in the manual).
Product Stand for CM3PVR.
Power Supply (12v, 2.5A) with power cord.
Remote Control with battery. (Battery type: CR3032)
RF Antenna Cable.
Composite Video Cable (Red, White, Yellow RCA Jacks).
S-Video Cable.
Component Video Cable (Red, Green, Blue RCA Jacks).
Coaxial Digital Audio Cable (Black RCA Jacks).
SCART Adapter for Composite Video Cable / S-Video Cable.
USB Cable.
This User Manual.

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