User manual

You can change the following items:
- Channel Number Change the channel which you want to change.
- Active Show or hide the selected channel in the channel list.
- Fine-Tune Fine-tune the channel.
- Audio Format Change the Audio Format for the current channel.
- Swap Channel Use the ‘Swap Channel’ option to swap 2 channels.
Select the new location for the current channel and press the
Enter’ button (24
) on the remote control to swap the
For example:
If you want to set channel 15 on position 2, set the ‘Channel
Number’ to 15 and ‘Swap Channel’ to 2 and press the ‘Enter
button (24
) on the remote control.
- Channel Name Add a name to the current channel. (Max. 4 characters)
- Manual Tune Search for another channel.
Press the ‘Enter’ button (24
) on the remote control to start the
Manual Tune’ option.
To close the Channel Set Menu, press the ‘Return’ button (8
) on your remote control.