User manual

Watching Live-TV & Live-A/V
The unit has 2 input sources to watch and record programs:
TV-Tuner Input
AV Input (Audio/Video Input)
TV-Tuner Input
You can watch live TV through the unit by selecting the option ‘TV Tuner Input’ in the Main
Menu. While watching live TV, you can change the channels by pressing the ‘CH +’ or ‘CH -
) button on the remote control.
AV Input (Audio/Video Input)
The unit has a Composite Audio/Video-Input on the backside. This Composite Audio/Video
Input can be used to connect your VCR, Set-Top Box, Video Camera or other video equipment
to the unit.
You can see the Live Audio/Video Input signal by selecting the option ‘A/V Input’ in the Main
The unit supports Timeshifting. The Timeshift feature ‘pauses’ Live TV or Live Audio/Video by
recording the current channel/input when Timeshift is activated.
When the Timeshift feature is initialized, the unit will create a buffer of maximum 55
minutes for the Timeshift feature.
You need at least 2,5GB of free space on the HDD to use the Timeshift feature.
Press the ‘Play/Pause’ button (11
) on the remote control to initialize the Timeshift feature.
When the Timeshift feature is initialized, the Live TV or Live A/V will be ‘paused’ and the
unit will record the channel on the background.