User manual

Before Recording
Before you start recording with your unit, you can set the record quality. The unit has 6
preset quality settings, which can be selected with the ‘Quality’ button (25
) on the remote
The unit detects copy protection on the connected source, for example MacroVision
protection on DVD discs. When a connected source is copy-protected, the unit will
prevent recording and shows a warning message when the record button is pressed.
While watching Live TV or Live A/V through the unit, you can start a record of the current
channel by pressing the ‘Record’ button (22
) on the remote control. The unit starts
recording, until you press the ‘Stop’ button (21
) on the remote control, or until the maximum
record time of 6 hours is reached.
When you press the ‘Record’ button (22
) during a record, the record time will be set to 30
minutes, starting at the time you pressed the ‘Record’ Button.
The message ‘OTR+30’ will be shown on your screen.
Press the ‘Record’ button (22
) again to increase the time with another 30 minutes, up to a
maximum of 360 minutes.
The unit keeps recording until the record time is elapsed, or until you press the ‘Stop’ button
) on the remote control.
During recording, you cannot change the current channel.
The recording is stored with a name based upon the record date and time, with the following
MMDDhhmm.AVI” (MM = Month, DD = Day, hh = Hour, mm = Minutes)