User manual

When recording to USB or Memory Card, make sure you have a High-speed device
attached. (An USB2.0 Device or High-Speed Memory Card)
Set the quality for the recording: ‘HQ’, ‘SP’ or ‘LP’. Press the ‘Enter’ button (24
) on the
remote control to continue.
Recording in ‘HQ’, ‘SP’ or ‘LP’ influences the quality of your record and the
amount of space needed for the record.
For example, if you unit is equipped with a 500GB HDD, the record time will be:
228 hours and 35 minutes. (app. 2190MB for 1 hour)
437 hours and 46 minutes. (app. 1140MB for 1 hour)
656 hours and 45 minutes. (app. 760MB for 1 hour)
The recording is now programmed as a scheduled recording and the unit will start recording
on the programmed time and channel.
When the unit is programmed with scheduled recordings, you can put the unit into Standby.
The internal clock will turn on the unit 3 minutes before the scheduled recording starts and
selects the correct channel 1 minute before the recording starts.
During recording, you cannot change the current channel.
The recording is stored with a name based upon the record date and time, with the following
MMDDhhmm.AVI” (MM = Month, DD = Day, hh = Hour, mm = Minutes)
When the recording is completed, the unit will if standby must be activated. When there is no
action taken, the unit will automatically return to standby mode after 15 seconds.