User manual

Product Features
Built-in TV Tuner with TV channel auto-search.
TV signal recording.
AV signal recording from e.g. a VCR, DVD or Video Camera.
Internal Cardreader with SD (HC), MMC and MS support.
Record to internal HDD, Memory Card or USB Device.
DVD quality of recorded files in MPEG4 (AVI) format (can be played on PC or other media
Record Options: One-key instant record, Timer record, Time-shift.
Playback of MPEG1/2/4, MP3, WMA, JPG files stored in internal HDD, Memory Card or
USB Device.
Files copy from Memory Card or USB Device to internal HDD.
Auto switch between PC and Player Mode:
When connected to the PC, the unit acts as an USB Storage Device or Cardreader.
When not connected to the PC, the unit acts as a Media Recorder & Player.
Notes & Cautions
Do not attempt to disassemble the included power adapter. This may cause high-voltage
injuries. If the adapter needs to be fixed, please contact your dealer or the helpdesk of
Keep the unit away from excessive moisture.
Do not immerse or expose the unit to liquids.
Disconnect the power adapter if you do not intend to use the unit for an extended period
of time.
Avoid using the unit in a location near combustibles.
Change the battery of the remote control with the same kind when it is weak or dead.
Recycle old batteries where possible. To avoid corrosion, remove the battery when the
remote will not be used for a long time.
Keep the remote away from excessive moisture; do not drop it.
Do not operate the remote under intense sunlight.
NEVER drop, shake or bump the unit.
To prevent overheating, do not cover the unit.
The unit only supports the FAT / FAT32 File system (NTFS is not supported).
When you format the Hard disk to NTFS, it only functions as removable
Harddisk for your computer. Reformat the Harddisk to FAT32 through the
menu of the unit to re-activate the Media Recorder & Player
The data on the internal Harddisk and/or the connected device(s) can be fragmented.
This can affect the playback of movies. It is recommended that you defragment the
Harddisk and/or the connected device(s) on your computer once in a while.