User manual

Playback of your recordings & other movies
You can play the recorded programs and other movies, stored on the HDD of the unit, on your
TV through the ‘Movies’ option of the unit.
Press the ‘Menu’ button (10
) on the remote control to return to the Main Menu.
Select the ‘Movies[1] icon in the Main Menu with the ‘Navigation’ buttons (9
) on the
remote control, and press the ‘Enter’ button (24
) on the remote control to open the
Movies’ Mode.
The file browser of the unit will be shown on your screen, with the ‘Records’ folder on the
HDD selected by default.
The unit will only show the movie files which are available on your unit. Other files will not
be shown.
Select the file you would like to play with the navigation buttons on the remote control.
Press the ‘Enter’ button (24
) or the ‘Play/Pause’ button (11) on the remote control to
start the playback of the selected file.
During playback, you can use the following playback options on the remote control:
- Play/Pause (11
) Play the selected file or pause the playback.
- Stop (21
) Stop the playback.
- Rewind (14
) Rewind the playback.
- Fast Forward (18
) Fast Forward the playback.
- Previous (13
) Play the previous file in the current folder.
- Next (19
) Play the next file in the current folder.
- Repeat (2
) Change the Repeat option of the current file/folder.
- Display (31
) Display the playback details.
You can return from the file browser menu to the Main Menu by pressing the ‘Menu’ button
) on the remote control.