User manual

Computer Connectivity
The unit can be connected to your computer to copy data (movies, music, pictures, records,
etc.) from and to the internal HDD.
In our example below, we are using a computer running Windows XP, but the unit can
be used on all computers with USB support and the capability of reading & writing
FAT32 file systems.
Connect the unit to your computer
Connect the delivered USB to Mini-USB cable to the backside of the unit and to a free USB
port on your computer.
Turn the unit on with the main power switch on the backside of the unit. The unit will be
recognized and installed automatically and will be shown as an extra drive on your
By default, the internal HDD of the unit will be initialized as an USB storage device.
Switch between HDD Mode and Cardreader Mode
You can use the Cardreader of the unit as a Cardreader on your computer. When you enable
the Cardreader mode, the HDD is not accessible on your computer.
Press and hold the ‘Arrow Down’ button on the front of the unit for 2 seconds while it is
connected to the computer.