User manual

The HDD will disappear from the ‘My Computer’ window, and a removable drive will be
shown. The Cardreader is now active.
To switch back to the HDD Mode, press and hold the ‘Arrow Down’ button on the front of
the unit for 2 seconds.
Playback on your computer
You can play the recorded programs on your computer, when the unit is connected to the
computer. Before you can play the recorded programs, you need to install the DiVX Codec &
Player on your computer.
Download the DiVX Codec & Player from the DiVX website:
After the installation of the DiVX Codec & Player, you can play the recorded programs on your
Disconnect the unit from your computer
Single-click the “Safe Removal” icon on the system tray.
Select “Stop USB Mass Storage Device” when prompted.
Wait for the message “Safe to remove Hardware”.
Disconnect the USB cable.