User manual

System Configuration
When you select the ‘Setup[7] option in the Main Menu, the Setup Menu will be shown on
your screen. The explanation below shows all available settings with the including
TV System Select the TV System which corresponds with your TV. You can select
between PAL and NTSC. (Default
= PAL)
Screensaver Set the screensaver of the unit on or off. (Default
= On)
Sys Language Select the system language for the unit. (Default
= English)
Time Format Set the time format of your choice. (Default
= M_D_Y_24)
Set Date Set the current date.
Set Time Set the current Time.
Reset Setting Reset the unit to the factory default settings.
(Only the configuration will be restored. The data on your Harddisk will
not be erased).
A/V Set:
Video Output Select the Video Output signal which corresponds with the used output
ports on the unit.