User manual

Connecting your CM3PVR
Connecting the antenna cable(s)
The Tuner of the unit supports Signal Pass-through, to redirect the TV signal from
the Tuner input to the Tuner output. The Pass-through function also works when
the unit is turned off or disconnected from the power, so you can keep watching to
your TV even if the unit is turned off.
Disconnect the main antenna cable from your TV, and connect it to the Tuner input of the
Connect the supplied antenna cable to the Tuner output of the unit and to the Tuner input
of your TV.
Connecting the Video Cable(s)
You can connect the unit in 4 different ways to your TV:
- Composite
- SCART (by using the Composite cable & Scart Adapter)
- S-Video **
- Component **
** When using S-Video or Component, only the video signal is send to your TV.
For the audio signal, use the Audio RCA Jacks on the Composite cable (Red, White), or
the Coaxial SPDIF cable.
Connect the Composite cable (Yellow, Red, and White) to the corresponding AV Output
jacks on the unit.
Connect the other side of the Composite cable (Yellow, Red, and White) to your TV.
Tuner Output
Tuner Input