User manual

First-Time Configuration
The unit needs to be configured when you turn it on the first time.
Select the correct input channel on your TV where the unit is connected to. (Composite,
SCART, S-Video or Component).
Note: From this point, the manual is based on the fact that your TV is set to the input
channel of the unit. All steps described are related to the operation of the unit.
Check if the main power switch on the back of the unit is set to ‘I’.
Turn on the unit with the power button on the front of the unit, or with the ‘Power
button (1
) on the remote control.
The unit will turn on and display the menu on your screen.
The unit needs to initialize the Harddisk when it is turned on. This can take a little
while. During initializing, the message “Please Wait...” is shown on your screen.
The default output signal is Composite. If you are using another output for the unit, it
is possible that your screen does not show the menu. Press the ‘Output’ button (3
) on
the remote control to switch the output signal of the unit.
When using the unit for the first time, the internal Harddisk must be formatted.
Select ‘Yes’ to format the internal Harddisk. After the format is complete, the unit
can be configured and used.
When formatting the internal Harddisk, all data on the Harddisk will be erased!