Owner and Installation Manual

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Either the right rear or right side of the unit is suitable for xing the drainpipe.
The diameter of the drainpipe should be equal to or greater than that of the connecting pipe.
Take the drainpipe as short as possible and slope downward at a gradient of at least 1/100
to prevent air pockets.(Refer to Fig.10)
Use the attached drain hose
and clamp
Insert the drain hose completely into the drain socket. Tighten the clamp within the range of
gray tape until the screw head is less than 1/6”(4mm) from the hose. (Refer to Fig.11,Fig.12)
Wrap the attached sealing pad
over the clamp and drain hose to insulate. (Refer to Fig.12)
No folding of drain hose inside the indoor unit. (Refer to Fig.13)
(2). Conrm that smooth drainage is achieved after the piping work.
Pour 600cc of water into the drain pan from the air outlet for confirming drainage.(Refer to
(When drain hose is connected)
Incling the drain hose
Not to be lifted
No foldings
Not to be
soaking in water
Drain hose
Taping area(Gray)
Fig.10 Fig.11
Large seeing pad
Watering can
Air outlet
4mm or less
Fig.12 Fig.13 Fig.14
3.6 Install the Connection Pipes