Owner and Installation Manual

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PipePipe Flare Nut
Nut-Required Torque
Pipe Diameter (mm) Required Torque
φ6.35 15--30
φ9.52 35-40
φ12 45-50
φ15.9 60-65
(1). Align the ared end of the copper tube with the threaded connector, and then hand-tighten
the ared nut.
(2). Further tighten the ared nut with a torque wrench until the torque wrench sounds a “crack”.
(3). The bending of the pipe shall not be too small, otherwise the pipe may crack. A pipe bender
must be used when bending the pipe.
(4). Wrap the thermally untreated pipe and connectors with sponge and then tighten the sponge
with plastic tape.
During the piping, do not pull any connector forcefully to prevent the capillary and other
pipes from cracking, which then would result in leakage.
The pipe should be properly supported in the way that its weight will not be borne by the
If the specication of the outdoor unit pipe joint does not conform to that of the indoor unit, then
the joint specication of the outlet pipe of the indoor unit takes precedence. A reducing nipple shall
be installed at the joint of the outdoor unit so as to make the joint of the outdoor unit compatible
with that of the indoor unit.