Owner and Installation Manual

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If electric shock suddenly happens, turn
off the unit. If the unit is not to be used
for a long period, cut off the main power
Check electrical system (voltage and
frequency). Use the power supply indicated
on the nameplate of the unit to operate the
air conditioner and only fuses with specied
capacity should be done by technicians. Do
not use pieces of wire instead of fuse.
Do not insert objects into the air inlet or
outlet when the air conditioner is running
as it may cause damage or personal injury.
Also pay special attention when children
are around.
Do not place any obstacles around
the indoor and outdoor unit to avoid of
inefcient performance or malfunction.
Never expose infants, aged persons or
patients directly to the air ow.
Do not locate a heater or any other
heat source close to the unit. The heat
may deform plastic parts.