Owner and Installation Manual

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8 Malfunction Analysis
Repairing work should be done by Gree technicians. For saving your time and spending,
please check the following malfunction analysis before contacting customer service center.
Malfunction Phenomena Malfunction Analysis
After turning off the air
conditioner, the unit could not
restart immediately.
The overload protection switch of the unit needs 3 mins before
Odor gives out when the unit
just turns on.
When air conditioning, odor or smoke that was sucked in is
discharged again.
Slight noise is heard when the
unit is running.
The refrigerant ows in the liquid pipe will make some noise.
There is mist coming from air
outlet under cooling mode.
Indoor temperature declines too fast.
Creak sound is heard when the
unit is running or shut down.
When the ambient temperature changes, the panel and other
parts expand or shrink, which might cause some grating sound.
The air conditioner could not
Whether the unit is powered off.
Whether the unit is disconnected with power supply.
Whether the circuit breaker trips off.
Whether the voltage is too high or too low.
Whether the TIMER has been set in the wireless remote
Notice: All the operations above should be done by Gree
The cooling (heating) effect of
the air conditioner is not good.
Wether the temperature is set properly.
Whether the inlet or outlet of the unit is blocked.
Whether the air lter is too dirty to cause blockage.
Whether the windows and doors are closed.
Whether the airow volume is set at low speed.
Whether there is any heat source in the room.
Wireless remote controller
doesn't work.
If the wireless remote controller doesn't work with new
batteraries, remove the back cover and press ”ACL” button to
make it normal.
The air conditioner is under abnormal disturbance orchanging
function too frequently, to make wireless remote controller cannot
control. Cut off main power supply and re-electrify could resume
normal operation.
Whether the controller is within the signal receiving area;
Whether there is blockage;
Check if the batteries in wireless remote controller are worn out,
otherwise change the batteries.
8.1 Service Center
When the following phenomena appears, please stop operating immediately, cut off the power
supply and contact service center for help.
Harsh sound is heard when the unit is running.
When the fuse melts or the circuit breaker trips off frequently.
When some objects or water is sucked in the unit accidently.