Owner and Installation Manual

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1 Safety Precautions
Please read this manual carefully before using this unit. Operate it correctly according to the
guide in this manual.
Please pay special attention to the indicating meaning of these two marks:
Warning! This mark means that the unit may cause property damage, personal injury or
loss of life if the operation is incorrect.
Caution! This mark means that the unit may cause minor or moderate property damage or
personal injury.
The unit should be earthed reliably. Do not connect the earth line to the gas pipe, water pipe,
drainage pipe or other unsafe places in potential.
Air conditioner must use special power supply circuit and switches for creepage protect and
air with enough capacity should be installed in the circuit.
Ensure that the connecting of power cord is reliable, otherwise, electric shock or re may
Do not cut off the power supply when the unit is running, otherwise the lifetime of the unit will
be shortened.
Do not damage wires or use the wires that are not recommended, otherwise, electric shock
or re may happen.
Please don’t operate the unit with wet hands, or electric shock may happen.
Do not put a nger, a rod or other objects into the air outlet or inlet to avoid of damage or
Cut down the main power supply immediately if any abnormality happens (such as smell of
re etc.). Contact with the service center and consult the qualied technician.
Do not repair or adjust the air conditioner by yourself. Please contact the service center or
Gree technicians for help.
Do not use the fuse with unsuitable capacity or iron thread instead of fuse, otherwise, it will
cause malfunction or re.
Switch off the power supply of the unit before cleaning the air conditioner, otherwise, electric
shock or damage may happen.
Please turn off the main power of the whole unit before cleaning the conditioner, otherwise
electric shock or harm may be happened.
Chemical sprayer should be placed 3.28ft (1m) or more away from the unit,
otherwise fire or explosion may happen.
Do not block air inlets or outlets. Impaired air ow may result in insufcient performance or