Owner and Installation Manual

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2 Installation Precautions and Location Choosing
2.1 Installation Precautions
The installation of air conditioner must be conform to national and local safety
Installation quality will directly affect the normal use of air conditioner. Do not
attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself. Please contact your dealer after buying
this machine. Professional installation workers will provide installation and test services
according to installation manual.
Do not connect to power until all installation work is completed.
2.2 Location Choosing
Such a place where cool air can be distributed throughout the room.
Such a place where condensate water could be easily drained out.
Such a place that can handle the weight of indoor unit.
Such a place, which is easy for maintenance.
Such a place where is easy to get connected with the outdoor unit.
Such a place where is 3.28ft (1m) or more away from other electric appliances such as
television, audio device, etc.
Avoid a location where there is heat source, high humidity or inammable gas.
Do not use the unit in the moist surroundings, such as a laundry, a bath, a shower or a
swimming pool.
Be sure that the installation conforms to the installation drawings.
2.3 Imappropriate Location
Where there is too much of oil.
Where it is acid base area.
Where there is irregular electrical supply.