Owner and Installation Manual

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(Refer to Fig.5).
paper plank
Side panel fixing screw(M4)
Fig.2 Fig.3
(3). Set the suspension bolt. (Use W3/8 or M10 size suspension bolts)
Adjust the distance from the unit to the ceiling slab beforehand. (Refer to Fig.4)
(4). Fix the hanger bracket to the suspension bolt.
Make sure that extended suspension bolt from the ceiling stays inside the appointed
position. Readjust the hanger bracket when it is out of the appointed position. (Refer to Fig.6)
Suspension bolt is xed in the cap of indoor unit. Never remove the cap.
(5). Lift the unit and slide forward unit in place. (Refer to Fig.7)
(6). Screw tightly both hanger bracket-setting bolts (M8). (Refer to Fig.5)
(7). Screw tightly both hanger bracket-fixing bolts (M6) to prevent the displacement of the
indoor unit. (Refer to Fig.5)
(8). Adjust the height so that rear side of the drainpipe slightly inclines to improve drainage.
Adjust the height by rotating the nut with a spanner.
Insert the spanner into the hanger bracket through the interspace. (Refer to Fig.8)
In case of hanging
It is possible to install hanger brackets by not removing the brackets from the indoor unit. (Refer
to Fig.9)
Only the specied accessories and parts for installation work could be used.