Installation Manual

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Refer to the following diagram to ensure proper distance from walls and ceiling:
Step 2: Attach mounting plate to wall
The mounting plate is the device on which you
will mount the indoor unit.
1. Remove the screw that attaches the mounting
plate to the back of the indoor unit.
2. Place the mounting plate against the wall
in a location that meets the standards in
the Select installation location step. (See
Mounting plate dimensions for detailed
information on mounting plate sizes.)
3. Drill holes for mounting screws in places that:
have studs and can support the weight of
the unit
correspond to screw holes in the mounting
4. Secure the mounting plate to the wall with
the screws provided.
5. Make sure that the mounting plate is at against
the wall.
If the wall is made of brick, concrete, or similar
material, drill 0.2in-diameter (5mm-diameter)
holes in the wall and insert the sleeve anchors
provided. Then secure the mounting plate to
the wall by tightening the screws directly into
the clip anchors.
Step 3: Drill wall hole for connective piping
You must drill a hole in the wall for refrigerant
piping, the drainage pipe, and the signal cable
that will connect the indoor and outdoor units.
1. Determine the location of the wall hole based
on the position of the mounting plate. Refer
Mounting plate dimensions on the
next page to help you determine the optimal
position. The wall hole should have at least a
2.5 in (65 mm) diameter and be angled slightly
lower to facilitate drainage.
2. Using a 2.5 in (65 mm) core drill, drill a hole in
the wall. Make sure that the hole is drilled at
a slight downward angle so that the outdoor
end of the hole is lower than the indoor end
by about 0.2-0.275 in (5 mm to 7 mm). This will
ensure proper water drainage. (See Fig. 3.2)
3. Place the protective wall cu in the hole. This
will protects the edges of the hole and will help
seal it when you nish the installation process.
When drilling the wall hole, make sure to
avoid wires, plumbing, and other sensitive
Indoor Unit
Fig. 3.1
4.75 in (12 cm)
or more
90.55 in (2.3 m) or more
4.75 in (12 cm)
or more